Optical Microscopy: Virus Bacteria and Fungus

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The relation between virus bacteria and fungi

An entirely new method in optical microscopy is the Grayfield method, developed by Kurt Olbrich. This method allows you to see detailed structures that are otherwise not even visible with conventional phase contrast microscopes. For example, the Grayfield method allows you to observe the in-vitro decomposition processes of blood. During this transitional phase new viruses and structures arise, which tend to decay and could previously not be made visible due to the lack of suitable microscope techniques.

greyfield-microscopeWhat are the processes involved that cause cancer? The concepts shown, in this movie by Bernd Muschlien, discuss the processes as they have been seen under the Ergonom microscope.

Originally released in 1991, updated in 2004 and 2006 by Kurt Olbrich and Grayfield Optical Inc.

greyfieldmicroscopeThis unique movie shows the relation between virusses, bacteria and fungi in a scientific approach. You will see images from a microscope in a resolution of 100 Nm and at a true magnification of 25000. Watch vessels and bloodcompositions a a complete new level.

Doug Kaufmann watch movie

Other inventions regarding microscopes:
1898 Golgi first sees and describes the Golgi apparatus by staining cells with silver nitrate.
1924 Lacassagne and collaborators develop the first autoradiographic method to localize radiographic polonium in biological specimens.
1930 Lebedeff designs and builds the first inference microscope. In 1932, Zernicke invents the phase-contrast microscope. These two developments allow unstained living cells to be seen in detail for the first time.
1941 Coons uses antibiotics coupled to fluorescent dyes to detect cellular antigens.
1952 Nomarski devises and patents the system of differential interference contrast for the light microscope that still bears his name.
1968 Petran and collaborators make the first confocal microscope. 1981 Allen and Inoué perfect video-enhanced light microscopy.
1984 Agard and Sedat use computer deconvolution to reconstruct Drosophilia polytene nuclei.
1988 Commercial confocal microscopes come into widespread use. 1994 Chalfie and collaborators introduce green fluorescent protein (GFP) as a marker in microscopy.


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